Extra Services

Choose as many as you like 


* Wash and put away dishes

* Organize Cabinets

* Empty/Load dish washer

* Organize drawers 

* Throw out expired food in pantry/fridge or freezer

* Organize pantry items

* Deep Clean oven and stove top

* Clean garbage disposal w/ice & lemon juice

* Wash out garbage can 

* Deep clean out inner or outer cabinets 

* Clean and Polish windows in and out 


* Organize miscellaneous items 

* Organize Media cabinet

* Wipe down and disinfect Musical instruments

* Steam clean sofas, chairs or wash slip covers

* Wash throw blankets and pillow covers 

* Rotate cushions on furniture

* Scrub wash trow rugs in living or throughout house

* Vacuum drapes w/attachment


* Dust top of china cabinet/buffet table

* organize miscellaneous items

* Polish silver

* Clean & polish in and out of windows


* Clean/wash shower curtains 

* Replace towels & throw in washer

* Wash out trash can 

* Wash rugs

* Clean out / organize cabinets

* Clean out/ Organize drawers

* Clean and polish in & out of windows

* Clean out ceiling fan/vent


* Dust tops of dressers/Headboards

* Vacuum drapes with attachment

* Pick up Clothes

* Change Bedding 

* Flip mattress

* Wash bedding and/or pillows

* Organize closet

* Give it a decorative touch 

* Clean / organize drawers

* Wash and polish in and out of windows

* Polish wood furniture




* Sort clothes to keep/donate/throw out

* Organize items 

* Dust shelves


* File documents/important papers

* Back up and/or delete old files on computer

* Organize cabinets/drawers

* Dust shelves 

* Clean and polish in and out of windows

* Wipe computer screen/printer/Phone

* Water Plants

* Refill Office supplies


* Dust furniture 

* Clean rug/Welcome Mat

* Organize shoes/coats

* Clean and sanatize banisters


* Run cleaning cylcle in washing machine

* unload washer load dryer

* unload and fold dryer clothes

* Clean out dryer vents and duct 

* Reorganize/discard old cleaning supplies


* Sweep floor 

* Clean out vehicle

* Take trash/ recycle out 

* Put away/organize tools

* Organize what ever you would like 


* Change batteries in smoke /co2 detectors

* Polish wood floors

* Steam clean carpets 

* change burned out light bulbs

* Take down and wash light fixtures/ chandeliers

* Wash and Polish in and outside of windows 

* Power wash 

* Clean Lawn Furniture 

* Sweep front /back portch

* Remove cobwebs front / back porch

* Pull Weeds

* Water plants/grass

* Wash pet/pets

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